We are fully aware of our responsibility as a manufacturer of alcoholic drinks and act accordingly

We produce alcoholic and other drinks, whose responsible consumption is embedded in our culture and signals joie de vivre. But since these drinks can also be abused, which would have an adverse effect upon people’s health and their environment, we actively support initiatives that try to prevent such an abuse by providing information etc.

These initiatives for a responsible use of alcohol appeal to all age groups. But most important here is, of course, the protection of young people. Making young people aware of the risks incurred by an irresponsible consumption of alcohol and showing them how to avoid it and what to do instead is both a manufacturer’s responsibility and an investment in our society. Working for compliance with the law is a special responsibility manufacturers and traders must shoulder. 

Our management is active in our industry’s associations and confederations and thus also promotes the following extensive and very responsible information and prevention campaigns:

Wine in Moderation – Art de vivre“ is a European initiative run by the wine and sparkling-wine industry. We support it by being active in the Verband Deutscher Sektkellereien e.V. (VDS; German sparkling-wine manufacturers association).

Massvoll geniessen“ (pleasure in moderation) is an initiative by the Bundesverband der Deutschen Spirituosen-Industrie und -Importeure e. V. (BSI; German spirits producers and importers association) that recommends a responsible consumption of alcoholic drinks.

In that association’s “Arbeitskreis Alkohol und Verantwortung“ (alcohol and responsibility working group), the “Klartext reden“ (plan speaking) initiative informs parents about the prevention of alcohol abuse in families, while the “Schulungsinitiative Jugendschutz“ (SchuJu; youth protection training initiative) promotes compliance with the pertinent laws and regulations when and where alcoholic drinks are sold. The “Verantwortung von Anfang an“ (responsibility right from the start) initiative presents information on doing without alcohol during pregnancy and lactation.

Don’t Drink and Drive“ is a joint initiative by the associations of wine, sparkling wine and spirits manufacturers to promote what it says in its name. 

At we inform you about alcohol-free fizzy drinks.

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Pursuant to applicable laws and regulations, Rotkäppchen-Mumm advocates a responsible consumption of alcoholic drinks. Since this website contains advertising information on such drinks, we would first like to ask you to confirm that you are of age. By visiting our website, you accept our terms of use and privacy policy.

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